Supporting Your RH Like It's Your Job: Because it is

Leave the Spanx at home, but remember: High and Tight! We are going to support the hell out of our Rights Holders (RH)!

Who are we? Producers, right? We know this business! We know the steps and the amount of work it takes! We know the breakdown of every hour and every dollar! We know how all (or at least most) audio platforms work! If you don't, you need to! We know best promotional practices with audio! So, why then are we allowing our RH to stumble through this? If we are doing our job, our RH should come skipping out the other side feeling confident, proud, and excited!

Guess what happens when a misinformed RH goes through the audio process? They then talk to others and give them the wrong information and around and around we go!

When an RH is confident in creating Audiobooks, it becomes this not so unreachable avenue! It also becomes more fun! AUDIO IS FUN!! If you or your RH aren't having fun with the audiobook process, something's not right!

The second you sign a contract, you need to be sending your RH information on the process. I will go over welcome packets in another post, but something that informs them of every step. This way, they know what the heck is going on!

Talk with them throughout the process. Yes set boundaries, but you still need to be in communication with them the entire way!

Once your production is complete, KEEP IN CONTACT! Now is the fun part! You get to share your audiobook! I will talk about promo more in depth later, but work with your RH to get as many ears on your audio as possible! ACX gives you codes, use them! Create a game plan and execute it. Your RH will thank you, your fans will thank you (YES narrators have fans) and your business will thank you!

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