RS Plus....What??

There are 3 ways that you can pay for your audiobook (in ACX)

1. Royalty Share (RS)- This is a 50/50 split of all sales of the audiobook with your producer- that’s me!

2. Per Finished Hour Rate (PFH)- This is where you pay me my rate per finished hour of $$$ and you get to keep all royalties.

a. Exclusive Royalty distribution- 40%

b. Non-Exclusive distribution- 25%

3. Royalty Share Plus- Help cover some of the costs with the producer and share royalties! The difference here is that you are also going to give your producer a PFH rate, though it will be lower!

Royalty Share Plus is not technically new. We used to call it a hybrid deal. Basically you are doing a straight royalty share deal but you are paying for some back end costs. Here is my breakdown of fees

Narration- $$$pfh (this covers the time it takes to prep/research the project and record)

Editing/Mastering- $65pfh

Proofing- $25pfh

When I choose to work on a project under royalty share I always ask for the RH to cover proofing at least. They can proof it themselves or pay to have it done. I am trained in editing/mastering and can do that myself sometimes but if I don’t have the time I will also ask them to cover $40pfh of my editing/mastering. This means I am covering my prep/research and the author (or RH) is covering $65pfh of outsourced cost.

Please keep in mind, this is just me! Other narrators have different costs and some will even want a portion of their narration fee covered as well. I don’t do that because I will get that back in royalties!

You can find out more here-

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