Relationships Part 2: How to Date Your Narrator

OK, you’re not really dating your narrator, but it definitely is a relationship that needs special care to make amazing!

1. Communication- Talk to your narrator about what you want. Most will hopefully ask you for character information. GIVE IT TO THEM! And give them as much detail as you can. The better you do at this, the better they can voice them!

2. Space- Don’t micromanage your narrator! Trust them, they are professionals and know what they are doing. Listen carefully to the first 15 min sample. If you don’t hear something you want to hear…ask for it. Use that sample to talk to them about what you really want and how you want it to sound. Did it sound perfect? Great! Say so and let them do their job! They will come to you with an amazing product! Be respectful of their time.

3. Praise- Wow, this really is like dating! Praise your narrator, let them know they did a good job! This is a small step and not really required, but I wanted to add it. We are our own bosses….the only praise we get is from you and reviewers if we even read them! Let us know that you are happy with what we did.

4. Prompt Pay- Yep…pay us on time please! A sure way to ruin any working relationship is to make the other person have to hunt you down to get payment. Life Happens, right? It does and we know that…but stay in communication with us. Let us know whats going on so we can plan accordingly.

One thing I am big on (not everyone) is Social media promoting! I ask my authors to friend me and share posts and I tag them in giveaways and fun stuff. I join their groups and do lives and narration sneak peek videos! This is supposed to be FUN! Have fun with it!

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