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Sarah is a fan favorite for her sweetly husky voice and her passion for creating a unique audio adventure every time. She has brought over 100 books to life in audio.

Providing full narration and production services from her Midwestern home studio, American actress Sarah Puckett provides a clear and passionate read that engages listeners.

Sarah is professionally trained in narration acting, production, and audio engineering, blending these elements together to create a unique listening experience that draws the listener deeper into the story.

Accents: American Midwest, American Southern, RP, Russian


I look forward to working with you!


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Puckett was fabulous! I loved that she didn't make Eleanor sound weak. She might have been in a difficult situation but she had a steel spine and Puckett really gave her strength. It's hard to find that line between that girl that has been taken and is scared to the strength she shows. Sarah Pucket brought her to life.


 Sarah Puckett always gives her characters identity and a personality that helps me feel the story fully, not just with my ears but with my heart.


There is a reason why some of the most fun paranormal romances are voiced by Sarah Puckett. Sarah Puckett is truly a voice that can make every character come to life. The emotion in her voice, and the tones she uses makes it feel like the scenes are actually playing out before me. She makes characters sound natural, and her range of different voices makes each character distinct in their own way and remains consistent, so even without the identification of who is talking in the actual script, you can tell who is who. She is also one of the few vocal actors I think can make a steamy scene sound natural, and not ridiculously over the top forced or awkward. Truly, Sarah never disappoints, and this is absolutely no exception.


Sarah Puckett has done another amazing job on narration. Her voices have been a constant throughout the entire series, with easily identifiable characters and an overall smooth listening experience every time.