Sarah Puckett

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Sarah is a fan favorite for her sweetly husky voice and her passion for creating a unique audio adventure every time. She has brought over 100 books to life in audio.

Providing full narration and production services from her Midwestern home studio, American actress Sarah Puckett provides a clear and passionate read that engages listeners.

Sarah is professionally trained in narration acting, production, and audio engineering, blending these elements together to create a unique listening experience that draws the listener deeper into the story.

Accents: American Midwest, American Southern, RP, Russian


I look forward to working with you!



FantasySarah Puckett
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SouthernRomanceSarah Puckett
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Fantasy_MaleDialogueSarah Puckett
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New Release

Sarah Puckett's analytical artistry is always a luminosity performance. Her rendition of male character's tone is exceptional and almost as perfect as her female character's tones. Her talent is flawlessly illustrated with her performance of this audiobook. Her passion brings the character's personalities to a real world that you can escape to for awhile. Her tone of voice, inflection, volume, and pace of speech flowed through flawlessly and smoothly. A perfect choice for narrating this audiobook. 

Sarah Puckett.... there are no words to describe how amazing she did with this audio! If I didnt know it was only her narrating this book, I would have praised the male narrator on his Russian accent. Instead, I will praise Sarah on the absolutely amazing male voice and the equally amazing accent! 

The narrator was Sarah Puckett and I just have to say she has never been a disappointment and she continues to score another hit with this narration. Loved it and can't wait for more!!!

"Wow! This narrator did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life. Putting them front and center without ever taking me out of the story due to her voice fluctuations. I felt she did an excellent job of both male and female leads as well as a distinction between secondary characters."


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