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Sarah is a fan favorite for her sweetly husky voice and her passion for creating a unique audio adventure every time. She has brought over 100 books to life in audio.

Providing full narration and production services from her Midwestern home studio, American actress Sarah Puckett provides a clear and passionate read that engages listeners.

Sarah is professionally trained in narration acting, production, and audio engineering, blending these elements together to create a unique listening experience that draws the listener deeper into the story.

Accents: American Midwest, American Southern, RP, Russian


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Sarah delivers a dynamite performance as always. She is one of my favorite female narrators and does such justice to Stas and her character in this book. I am always in awe of how much emotion she packs into each of her characters, how much she makes you feel with just her words and the tone of her voice in how she says them.


So Sarah Puckett is a goddess. She actually sings in this audio. Like full on, there is a guitar playing and she SINGS. I knew it was coming, others had told me how amazing this was, but I didn’t actually believe it until I heard it. It was just amazing. Simply the best. She tore my heart out and then stuffed it back in my chest and sewed it back together again. Sarah can ring so many emotions out of you and take the material she is presented and just make it even better than it already was.


The narrator was Sarah Puckett and I just have to say she has never been a disappointment and she continues to score another hit with this narration. Loved it and can't wait for more!!!


Sarah Puckett has done another amazing job on narration. Her voices have been a constant throughout the entire series, with easily identifiable characters and an overall smooth listening experience every time.

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